Greedy Democrats…

Earlier this week, Governor Mark Dayton admitted that tax relief is being held up by the Senate because Democrat senators insist on having the new $90 million senate office building.

Can you believe they made such a blunt admission?

It is shameful that Minnesotans might not get much needed tax relief because Democrat senators insist on building a shrine to themselves. But make no mistake about it, Governor Dayton is not innocent. He advocated and signed into law the very taxes he now wants repealed. He wants a “mulligan.”

We need someone who gets it right the first time and that’s why I’m running to replace Governor Dayton.

We’re deep in the midst of convention season, and as we move forward, we need to stand united to unset the Governor. Mark Dayton and his wealthy, powerful left-wing allies, are doing everything they can to fortify their positions. Will you stand with Senator Michelle Benson and me by contributing $10, $25, or any amount you can afford today?

It’s been a hard-fought campaign, and we’ve positioned ourselves very strongly thanks to the help of countless volunteers, supporters, and friends across Minnesota.

The next steps are winning the nomination, uniting our party, and defeating Mark Dayton.

With you by my side, we will achieve this victory so chip in $10, $25, or any amount you can afford today to help us spread our message to voters across Minnesota!

Thank You,