One way to reverse Dayton’s tax hikes…

Governor Mark Dayton hasn’t been consistent about much since he was elected Governor, but he’s certainly been clear that he wants higher, more burdensome taxes on Minnesota families and businesses.

The result? More red-tape and more burdens on hard working individuals, families, and business owners.

There is only one way guaranteed way to reverse the Dayton tax hikes: Elect me as your next Governor!

To have the opportunity to serve, I’ll need your help. The end of the fundraising quarter is less than a week away, and your contribution of $25 or more will help us expose the Governor’s failed, liberal record and share our message with voters across Minnesota.

I pledge today I will work to repeal any tax hikes signed into law this year by Mark Dayton, and as Governor, I will work to create new jobs and new sources of revenue for the state. THAT is a better solution than considering raising taxes on Minnesota families or job providers.

If you oppose Mark Dayton’s job-killing tax hikes and liberal economic policies, chip in $25 or more today and help us expose his rhetoric and failures.

The Governor, and his liberal allies in the state legislature continue to put themselves–not the people–first. We deserve much better and with you by my side, we can win this election.

I appreciate your generosity and support!


Dave Thompson