You hold the power…

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Dear Delegate:

Now that the BPOU conventions are over, I just wanted to take a few minutes of your time to do two things.

First, to thank you for the commitment you’ve made to our party by running for state delegate. It’s a huge time commitment, along with the cost of travel and hotels, and all that comes with being a delegate. With that commitment also comes something else: POWER. That’s the 2nd thing I wanted to discuss.

You have been given the power to choose our next Governor. Michelle and I spend hours in committees and on the Senate floor watching the Democrats attack and dismantle everything we hold dear. And because Mark Dayton is Governor, we are powerless to stop it.

We see them plan to spend tens of millions of dollars earned by hard working Minnesotans on wasteful projects like Tom Bakk’s Taj Mahal for Senators.

And then they claim to be tax cutters, but have proposed repeal of only a small percentage of the huge $2.1 billion tax increase passed last year.

They continue to tax and regulate, and Mark Dayton signs the bills because his staff tells him to, even though he hasn’t even read them. You have the power to fix that.

I’m the candidate who can beat Mark Dayton. I have been been in the arena for decades…not as a politician, but but as an activist, a radio host, the voice of the right on KSTP and a small business attorney. When I was elected to the Minnesota Senate, no one had to wonder how I would vote, or where I would stand.

I’ve been standing with you for years.

As your governor, I make the same promise: you’ll know where I stand, and you’ll always have an ally in the Governor’s office.

I’m one of only two of the candidates in this race that trust you with the power you’ve been given. I’ll abide by your endorsement because I trust you to make the right decision.

You hold the power to fix Minnesota. I promise to make you proud as your next Governor.

Dave Thompson