Dave Thompson Announces Endorsement by Senator David Hann

Senate Minority Leader Hann Endorses Thompson / Benson for Governor

Lakeville, MN – Senate Minority Leader David Hann (R-Eden Prairie), has endorsed Dave Thompson and Michelle Benson for Governor and Lieutenant Governor.

Senator Thompson stated, “I have had the honor to work closely with Senator David Hann since my election to the Senate in November 2010. He is close friend and a mentor.

“Senator Hann is universally respected for his knowledge, work ethic, and ability to advance conservative ideas in the legislature. During his tenure as Chairman of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee, he led the charge for spending restraint and meaningful healthcare and entitlement reform. He achieved many of his goals, despite having to battle Governor Mark Dayton all the way. It is truly an honor to have the support of Senator Hann, the Leader of our Caucus, and a great leader in the conservative movement in Minnesota.”

Senator Hann said, “I strongly encourage my fellow delegates to endorse Dave Thompson for Governor and Michelle Benson for Lt. Governor. Dave and Michelle are not afraid to fight for our positive vision for Minnesota’s future, and they’ve helped lead our caucus against one-party liberal control these past two years. More importantly, I trust them. I trust them to lead our party in the 2014 election and I trust them to lead our state to prosperity for the next four years.”