Dave Thompson Responds to Governor Dayton’s State of the State

Senator Dave Thompson (R-Lakeville), candidate for governor, issued the following statement in response to Governor Mark Dayton’s State of the State address.

“Governor Mark Dayton finally gave his State of the State address now that we are near the end of the legislative session. Rather than using the address to share his vision with Minnesotans, he used his speech as a campaign stop.

“The governor admitted that quality education is essential to our state’s future, and to our children’s ability to compete in a global economy. Yet this governor signed into law a bill that eliminated the requirement for teachers to pass a basic skills test. He also signed legislation eliminating the test that was used to make certain our high school graduates have attained the level of achievement necessary to succeed in today’s world.

“The Governor said that because of the Obamacare people in Minnesota with pre-existing medical conditions are able to get insurance coverage. This is a false claim. Minnesotans with pre-existing conditions have been able to get healthcare through the Minnesota Comprehensive Health Association (“MCHA”) since 1976. The Governor did not mention the approximately 200,000 Minnesotans that were forced off of medical plans by Obamacare / MNshure. He did not mention that medical costs in the first three months of the year soared, placing further pressure on family budgets.

“Finally, there are clouds on the economic horizon as a result of this governor’s irresponsible spending and tax increases. This is because the Dayton / Obama policies of excessive spending and taxation are slowing the economy. There is already evidence of this happening both in Minnesota and nationally. For the months of February and March, tax revenues in our state came in approximately $67 million under forecast. And nationally, we experienced an anemic 0.1% economic growth rate. The only way to turn this tide is to implement pro family, pro growth policies that makes our state a leading global competitor.”