We’ve proved it can be done…

Earlier this week, a bill I authored was signed in to law. The law prevents the government from keeping property seized during an arrest IF there is insufficient evidence to convict or get a plea from the defendant. In the absence of this law, some people would have to go to court to retrieve seized property EVEN IF THERE WAS NO CONVICTION OR ANY KIND OF ADMISSION OF GUILT. That is wrong!

Serving in the minority can be difficult. Most of what we do is vote “no.” However, even in the minority, we can advance our cause given the right leadership and a willingness to persevere. This legislation proves it can be done.

People often ask how I will be able to govern, given that we will have a Democrat Senate until at least January 2017. First, we must persuade the public and open-minded Democrats in the legislature that our ideas are the right ideas. Then we must be willing to work together and get it done for the people.

Here is a link to an article in Forbes that covered this legislation. See you in Rochester!