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I think Governor Dayton is wrong when he wants to increase taxes on families and businesses, and I haven’t been afraid to say so -- and I hope you’ll stand with me in challenging the Governor’s failed record.

I’m an ordinary man, and with your help, I’ll have the honor to serve as Governor of Minnesota.

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You hold the power…

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Dear Delegate:

Now that the BPOU conventions are over, I just wanted to take a few minutes of your time to do two things.

First, to thank you for the commitment you’ve made to our party by running for state delegate. It’s a huge time commitment, along with the cost of travel and hotels, and all that comes with being a delegate. With that commitment also comes something else: POWER. That’s the 2nd thing I wanted to discuss.

You have been given the power to choose our next Governor. Michelle and I spend hours in committees and on the Senate floor watching the Democrats attack and dismantle everything we hold dear. And because Mark Dayton is Governor, we are powerless to stop it.

We see them plan to spend tens of millions of dollars earned by hard working Minnesotans on wasteful projects like Tom Bakk’s Taj Mahal for Senators.

And then they claim to be tax cutters, but have proposed repeal of only a small percentage of the huge $2.1 billion tax increase passed last year.

They continue to tax and regulate, and Mark Dayton signs the bills because his staff tells him to, even though he hasn’t even read them. You have the power to fix that.

I’m the candidate who can beat Mark Dayton. I have been been in the arena for decades…not as a politician, but but as an activist, a radio host, the voice of the right on KSTP and a small business attorney. When I was elected to the Minnesota Senate, no one had to wonder how I would vote, or where I would stand.

I’ve been standing with you for years.

As your governor, I make the same promise: you’ll know where I stand, and you’ll always have an ally in the Governor’s office.

I’m one of only two of the candidates in this race that trust you with the power you’ve been given. I’ll abide by your endorsement because I trust you to make the right decision.

You hold the power to fix Minnesota. I promise to make you proud as your next Governor.

Dave Thompson

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Thompson: “The Senate doesn’t need a new building. And taxpayers certainly don’t need to be footing the bill.”

Lakeville, MN – State Senator and Candidate for Governor Dave Thompson released the following statement today, re-affirming his opposition to a $90 million Senate Office Building and questioning Governor Dayton’s need for additional office space.

“While I appreciate Governor Dayton attempting to provide his Republican successor with a more plush and decadent office, I think I speak for all of my colleagues here when I say that the current Corner Office will suit any of us just fine. I’m especially disappointed that the Governor claimed that “HVAC and ducts” were the cause for a new building; this reasoning rings hollow when we learn that the new arrangement will give the governor 62% more space.

“He doesn’t need it. The Senate doesn’t need a new building. And taxpayers certainly don’t need to be footing the bill.

“As a Senator, I opposed this wasteful use of funds, and I continue to do so. As governor, I will work with legislators from both parties put a stop to it.”

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One way to reverse Dayton’s tax hikes…

Governor Mark Dayton hasn’t been consistent about much since he was elected Governor, but he’s certainly been clear that he wants higher, more burdensome taxes on Minnesota families and businesses.

The result? More red-tape and more burdens on hard working individuals, families, and business owners.

There is only one way guaranteed way to reverse the Dayton tax hikes: Elect me as your next Governor!

To have the opportunity to serve, I’ll need your help. The end of the fundraising quarter is less than a week away, and your contribution of $25 or more will help us expose the Governor’s failed, liberal record and share our message with voters across Minnesota.

I pledge today I will work to repeal any tax hikes signed into law this year by Mark Dayton, and as Governor, I will work to create new jobs and new sources of revenue for the state. THAT is a better solution than considering raising taxes on Minnesota families or job providers.

If you oppose Mark Dayton’s job-killing tax hikes and liberal economic policies, chip in $25 or more today and help us expose his rhetoric and failures.

The Governor, and his liberal allies in the state legislature continue to put themselves–not the people–first. We deserve much better and with you by my side, we can win this election.

I appreciate your generosity and support!


Dave Thompson

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Greedy Democrats…

Earlier this week, Governor Mark Dayton admitted that tax relief is being held up by the Senate because Democrat senators insist on having the new $90 million senate office building.

Can you believe they made such a blunt admission?

It is shameful that Minnesotans might not get much needed tax relief because Democrat senators insist on building a shrine to themselves. But make no mistake about it, Governor Dayton is not innocent. He advocated and signed into law the very taxes he now wants repealed. He wants a “mulligan.”

We need someone who gets it right the first time and that’s why I’m running to replace Governor Dayton.

We’re deep in the midst of convention season, and as we move forward, we need to stand united to unset the Governor. Mark Dayton and his wealthy, powerful left-wing allies, are doing everything they can to fortify their positions. Will you stand with Senator Michelle Benson and me by contributing $10, $25, or any amount you can afford today?

It’s been a hard-fought campaign, and we’ve positioned ourselves very strongly thanks to the help of countless volunteers, supporters, and friends across Minnesota.

The next steps are winning the nomination, uniting our party, and defeating Mark Dayton.

With you by my side, we will achieve this victory so chip in $10, $25, or any amount you can afford today to help us spread our message to voters across Minnesota!

Thank You,


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Dave Thompson Responds to Governor Dayton’s Press Conference

Governor Mark Dayton admitted earlier today that much needed tax relief is being held up by the Senate because Democrat senators insist on having the new $90 million senate office building.

Dave Thompson, Republican State Senator and candidate for governor said, “It is shameful that Minnesotans might not get much needed tax relief because Democrat senators insist on building a shrine to themselves.

“But make no mistake about it, Governor Dayton is not innocent. He advocated and signed into law the very taxes he now wants repealed. He wants a “mulligan.” We need a governor who gets it right the first time.”

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Act Now!

It’s convention season!

As you know, conventions are well under way and I’ve been continuously amazed by how many individuals have stepped forward to help our campaign. We’ve seized momentum at exactly the right moment and we’re looking forward to another great month ahead!

Many of you have asked how you can get involved or how you can help us share our message with voters and delegates across the state. If you could, please consider:

This election is so important for the future of Minnesota. We have a Governor who is drowning families and businesses in unnecessary, burdensome taxes and who has stood by the failures of MNSure and Obamacare. We can, and must, do better to secure a brighter future for all Minnesotans.

If you stand by my side, we can forge a new path. We can pursue an approach that is practical, conservative, and effective. Let’s take back the Governor’s Office, together!

Thank You,


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Caucus Analysis and State of Governor’s Race


I normally wouldn’t do this, but I wanted to share with you a memo from my campaign adviser that will give you an idea of the strong position that we are in. We have momentum on our side and I hope you’ll help us continue by:

I appreciate your continued support.


TO: Interested Parties
FROM: Jon Seaton, Senior Advisor
RE: Caucus Analysis and State of Governor’s Race

Last Tuesday night, some 14,000 activists attended precinct caucuses across the state of Minnesota. Six candidates for governor appeared on the straw poll ballot.

While everyone acknowledges that straw polls are not necessarily predictive of future success, they are without question a good gauge of organizational strength and the extent to which a candidate’s message is resonating with the most active voters in our party.

In this case, the straw poll has added meaning given the fact that many of the participants have now been elected to their BPOU Conventions and will ultimately play a role in determining the Republican Party Endorsement at the State Convention in May.

Having had a few days to analyze the results, we wanted to share with you some observations:

  • Three candidates (Thompson, Johnson and Farnsworth) have pledged to abide by the Republican Party endorsement. Dave Thompson was the top vote-getter amongst these candidates.
  • It is unclear whether or not delegates are aware that Marty Seifert has refused to abide by their endorsement; he did so in 2010 and his change in positions has not been well publicized.
  • While Marty Seifert may attempt to spin his 2nd consecutive straw poll victory as a boost to his campaign, the facts tell a somewhat different story.
    • Rep. Seifert’s claim that he just entered the race for governor in November rings hollow when one considers that he has been running for governor since 2009, and was actively seeking support for a 2014 as early as July of this year.
    • Rep. Seifert may wish to downplay his 2009-2010 campaign, but regularly cites polls taken comparing him to Governor Dayton, back when he was a candidate 4 years ago.
    • Rep. Seifert is actually moving in the wrong direction; in 2010, he garnered over 50% of the total straw poll vote in a 7-way race. In 2014, he dropped over 20 points to 28%, despite the presence of fewer candidates on the ballot.
  • Meanwhile, Dave Thompson, appearing on a statewide ballot for the first time on Tuesday night, performed well in his base areas in the 2nd Congressional District, but also showed very strong support in other delegate rich BPOUs which will send the most delegates to State Convention.
    • In Wright County, the state’s largest BPOU, Dave Thompson garnered twice as many votes as his nearest competitor, winning over 34% of the straw poll ballot.
    • In Carver County, Dave Thompson again won big, besting Marty Seifert by over a 4:1 margin.
    • Dave Thompson also was the top vote getter, by a wide margin, in Senate Districts 31, 35, 37 and 39.
  • So while both Marty Seifert and Dave Thompson both performed well in their “home turf,” Dave Thompson has expanded his base into new areas of the state, despite having never appeared on a statewide ballot before Tuesday night.

What Does This Mean?

  • Dave Thompson and Marty Seifert have emerged as the top two candidates vying for the GOP Endorsement in May.
  • While Marty Seifert received more straw poll votes on Tuesday, the makeup of the electorate and the distribution of delegates tilts the board slightly in Dave Thompson’s favor.
    • For example, the aggregate total of the BPOU’s carried by Dave would translate to 937 delegates at the State Convention. The aggregate total of BPOU’s carried by Rep. Seifert would translate to 774 delegates.
    • Rep. Seifert’s straw poll vote victory was driven by strong performances in Greater Minnesota. For example, his 92-vote win in Lyon County would translate to 11 delegates.
    • Dave Thompson carried the 31st Senate District BPOU by 119 votes. This would translate to 40 delegates at state convention.
  • Furthermore, only Dave Thompson has effectively expanded his support outside of his natural base.
  • Add to that the downward trajectory of Marty Seifert’s performance from 2010 to 2014, compared with Dave Thompson’s status as a first-time statewide candidate, a picture emerges that shows Dave Thompson in prime position to capture the GOP Endorsement in May.

The Road Ahead

  • Dave Thompson’s strategy has never wavered: organize at the precinct and BPOU level, capture the GOP Endorsement in May, and continue to build a winning campaign organization, in partnership with the RPM, to win the Republican nomination in August.
  • Marty Seifert now finds himself in a similar position to where he was in 2010: with a straw poll victory but structural deficiencies that put him at a disadvantage in the larger endorsement battle.
  • In 2010, sensing his weakness, Marty Seifert engaged in a nasty, divisive campaign that did horrendous damage to the eventual Republican nominee.
  • A positive campaign that refrains from personal attacks and gutter politics will serve our party well as we rally around our endorsed candidate following the State Party Convention in May.

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Thompson & Benson Statement on Caucus Night

Michelle and I are sincerely grateful for the thousands of Republican activists who attended precinct caucuses Tuesday night to show their support for Thompson/Benson 2014. We had the highest vote total among the candidates who are going to honor the delegates and abide by the endorsement. Our strong showing has demonstrated our ability to win the endorsement and move on to victory over Mark Dayton in November. Elections are about dedicated people who are willing to sacrifice time and effort for an important cause. I am humbled by how many of those dedicated people have chosen to support Team Thompson. Michelle and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Senator Dave Thompson
Senator Michelle Benson

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